Grass Finished Beef, Top Prime Angus Beef,

Pasture Raised Veal, Heritage Pork, Lamb,

Pasture Raised Chicken & Farm Fresh Eggs

We source whole animals from small family farmers, predominantly in Arizona. 

The Meat Market is a completely custom butcher shop and

 we will cut anything to your specifications.

Pasture Raised Beef  

-priced per lb-

Breakfast Steak   $13.99

Bottom Round Roast   $11.99

Brisket   $9.99

Bones   $7.99

Bone Broth    $7 /pint

Carne Asada (Sirloin Flap)   $14.99

Chuck Roast    $11.99

Cross Rib Steak    $11.99

Chuck Eye Steak    $15.99

Denver Steak    $15.99

Eye of Round    $11.99

Flank Steak    $16.99

Flat Iron    $16.99

Flintstone Ribs    $10.99

Ground Beef    $9.99

Hangar Steak    $25.99

Liver    $9.99

Mock Tender Roast    $9.99

Offal (heart, kidneys, tongue)    $7.99

Osso Bucco    $11.99

Oxtail    $9.99

Oyster Steak    $7.99

Porterhouse Steak    $33.99

Ribeye Steak Bone In    $29.99

Ribeye Steak Boneless    $31.99

Short Ribs    $12.99

Sirloin Tip Steak    $14.99

Skirt Steak.    $14.99

Standing Rib Roast    $29.99

Stew Meat    $10.99

Strip Steak Bone In    $27.99

Strip Steak Boneless    $29.99

T-bone Steak    $31.99

Tenderloin Steak    $36.99

Tongue    $7.99

Top Sirloin Steaks    $17.99

Tri Tip    $15.99


Dry Aged, Black Angus Beef

-priced per lb-


Prime Porterhouse    $36.99

Prime Ribeye Bone In   $30.99

Prime Ribeye Steak Boneless   $32.99

Prime Standing Rib Roast   $30.99

Prime Strip Steak Bone In   $29.99

Prime Strip Steak Boneless   $31.99

Prime T-bone Steak   $32.99

Prime Tenderloin Steak   $43.99

Pasture Raised

Heritage Pork

-priced per lb-


Belly $14.99

Bones   $7.99

Bone Broth  $7/pint

Country Ribs  $ 9.99

Cutlets   $9.99

Fat - Back   $2.99

Ground Pork   $10.99

Fresh Ham Hocks   $8.99

Rendered Lard   $6.00

Loin Chop Bone In.  $13.99

Loin Chop Boneless   $15.99

Offal   $6.99

Fore Shanks   $10.99

Shoulder (Boston Bone In)   $9.15

Shoulder (Boston Boneless)   $9.99

Shoulder (Picnic Bone In)   $8.50

Shoulder (Picnic Boneless)   $9.99

Tenderloin   $14.99 

Pasture Raised Lamb 

-priced per lb-

Bones   $7.99

Blade Chop   $15.99

Coppa Steak   $14.99

Ground Lamb  $11.99

Leg of Lamb (bone in)   $14.99

Leg of Lamb (boneless)   $16.99

Loin Chop   $22.99

Neck   $6.99

Rack/Chops Frenched   $29.99

Rack/Chops w/ rib meat   $27.99

Fore/Hind Shank   $9.99

Shoulder Roast Boneless   $11.99

Sirloin Roast (boneless)  $15.99

Pasture Raised Poultry

-priced per lb-

Bones (backs/necks)   $6.99

Bone Broth   $7/pint

Boneless Skinless Breast   $14.99

Bone in Skin On Breast   $12.99

Drumsticks   $9.99

Leg Quarters   $10.99

Half Chicken   $8.99

Thighs    $11.99

Thighs (Boneless)   $13.99

Wings   $8.99

Whole Chicken   $6.50

Whole Cut-Up   $7.99

Whole Boneless Chicken   $14.99

Whole Spatchcocked  $7.99


Pasture Laid Eggs   $8/ doz

Grass Fed Ribeye


Pasture Raised Veal

From Rossotti Ranch in Petaluma, CA.

*Due to limited availability, preorders are encouraged.

Ground Veal     $15.99/lb

Veal Cutlets or Scallopini    $22.99/lb

Veal Rib Chops    $30.99/lb

Veal Loin Chops    $29.99/lb

Veal Osso Buco    $31.99/lb

Veal Breast/Shoulder Roasts    $21.99/lb

Veal Stew Meat    $15.99/lb

Also Available: Veal Skirt Steak, Hangar Steak,

Flat Iron Steaks, Top Sirloin Filets, 7 Bone Roasts and many more. 

$16.99- $28.99/lb

Specialty Items

(Some of the below items are seasonal.

Please call ahead to ensure availability)


Prepared Items:

 $24.99/qt.  $12/pint


Sauce Bolognese

Ground Beef Taco Meat


Smoked Pork Green Chili


Prime Beef Sloppy Joes


Market Chili

Take & Bake:

2# ea. - $30 

Green Chili Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf


Veal Mushroom Meatloaf w/ Pork Belly


For the Pups:

1 lb Raw Offal Pet Food Supplement   $7 ea.

1 lb Ground Chicken Bones and Fat.  $3 ea.

Raw Marrow & Knuckle Bones   $7.99/lb

Raw Chicken Necks - 3pack    $3 ea.

For the Grill....

(Some of the below items are seasonal.

Please call ahead to ensure availability)

Fresh Ground Beef Patties..…...…$10.99/lb

Brisket Market Burger.….…….…..$12.99/lb

Fresh Sausages:


Hot Italian……………….....…$10.99/lb

Mild Italian…………….….…..$10.99/lb

Garlic Parmesan Chicken....$15.99/lb

Sage Breakfast……………….$10.99/lb

Chorizo in bulk........................$10.99/lb

Fripper's All Beef Hot Dogs....$14.99/lb

Fripper's Bologna sliced to order..... $14.99/lb

Cheddar & Jalapeno Stuffed Brisket Burger
Fresh Grass Fed Ground Beef
Grass Fed Porterhouse
Prime Grade, Dry Aged Beef
Hot Italian Sausage
Pastue Raised Fresh Heritage Pork