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Meet The Team


Josh Anderson - Lead Butcher


Josh, a Phoenix native, is husband and father first. He has dedicated his life to raising 4 great kids with his wife Gabby.


Josh started in the meat business during a 6 year hiatus from AZ., when he and his family moved to Wasilla, Alaska. 


When moving back to Phoenix in 2014, he began back at the bottom, cleaning the cutting room floor and washing dishes at The Meat Shop in South Phoenix. 

During his time there, he worked his way up the ladder and when he left them to join our team, he was breaking down full beef and hogs and was a perfect fit for our Butcher shop.


Josh joined us in July of 2019 and he's never stopped hustling since he first stepped through the door.

He is in charge of all the daily orders, stocking the cases & making sure our

chef team has the all meat required to keep our freezers amply stocked. 


Roni Terry - Owner 

Roni was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. She grew up racing barrel horses since the age of 9, throughout the US, but mostly in the West. 


As a graduate of UNLV's Culinary Management program, she cut her teeth in the kitchen of Thomas Keller's Bouchon in the Venetian.

After a short time working pastry & bakery production, she moved to the dining room where her love of hospitality took root. In the following decade she would work with talented chefs and industry leaders to assist in opening 7 great establishments throughout the country.


Roni moved from Atlanta to Phoenix in the fall of 2013 to find a work-life balance and be able to focus on her horses...

which was short lived.

After bartending at a Cave Creek Steak House for 2 years she decided the area could really use a butcher shop to supply the locals with higher quality meat than what grocery stores were offering.


The idea for The Meat Market was born in December of 2015, and with the help of her handy boyfriend the shop opened up in October 2016. 


Josh "Duffy" - Chef & Sausage Maker


Duffy began cooking in high school at a vocational school called E.V.I.T. While there, he competed in C-CAP won a scholar for the art institute of phoenix. There he received his bachelors in culinary management. For the past 14 years he's worked at many different restaurants from fine dinning to casual dinning. His goals to learn more about different utilizations for meat brought Duffy to us in the Fall of 2021. 

In his time away from our shop he produces music in his in-home studio. He is working at growing his career in that industry, creating music that is used in movies, tv shows and the like. 


Since opening in 2016, our sole mission of The Meat Market and its team is to operate with full transparency from start to finish. Working close with farmers, processors, shippers and restaurants to make sure everyone is getting top quality meats that you can trust ate clean and lived well. 


Over the years The Meat Market has had the pleasure of working along side of other small local business that also value quality over quantity. We are committed to keeping our bar raised high, so you know you are feeding your family the very best Arizona has to offer. 


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