Grass Finished Beef, Top Prime Angus Beef,

Pasture Raised Veal, Heritage Pork, Lamb,

Pasture Raised Chicken & Farm Fresh Eggs

We source whole animals from small family farmers, predominantly in Arizona. 

The Meat Market is a completely custom butcher shop and

 we will cut anything to your specifications.

Pasture Raised Beef

-priced per lb-

Breakfast Steak   $13.99

Bottom Round Roast   $11.99

Brisket   $10.99

Bones   $7.99 + $9.99

Bone Broth    $7 /pint

Carne Asada (Sirloin Flap)   $14.99

Chuck Roast    $11.99

Cross Rib Steak    $11.99

Chuck Eye Steak    $15.99

Denver Steak    $16.99

Eye of Round    $11.99

Flank Steak    $16.99

Flat Iron    $16.99

Flintstone Ribs    $10.99

Ground Beef    $9.99

Hangar Steak    $25.99

Liver    $9.99

Mock Tender Roast    $9.99

Offal (heart, kidneys, tongue)    $7.99

Osso Bucco    $11.99

Oxtail    $9.99

Oyster Steak    $7.99

Porterhouse Steak    $33.99

Ribeye Steak Bone In    $29.99

Ribeye Steak Boneless    $31.99

Short Ribs    $12.99

Sirloin Tip Steak    $14.99

Skirt Steak.    $14.99

Standing Rib Roast    $29.99

Stew Meat    $10.99

Strip Steak Bone In    $27.99

Strip Steak Boneless    $29.99

T-bone Steak    $31.99

Tenderloin Steak    $36.99

Tongue    $7.99

Top Sirloin Steaks    $17.99

Tri Tip    $15.99

Dry Aged, Black Angus Beef

-priced per lb-

Prime Porterhouse    $36.99

Prime Ribeye Bone In   $30.99

Prime Ribeye Steak Boneless   $32.99

Prime Standing Rib Roast   $32.99

Prime Strip Steak Bone In   $29.99

Prime Strip Steak Boneless   $31.99

Prime T-bone Steak   $32.99

Prime Tenderloin Steak   $43.99

Pasture Raised

Heritage Pork

-priced per lb-


Belly $14.99

Bones   $7.99

Bone Broth  $7/pint

Country Ribs  $ 9.99

Cutlets   $9.99

Fat - Back   $7.99

Ground Pork   $10.99

Fresh Ham Hocks   $8.99

Rendered Lard   $6.00/pint

Loin Chop Bone In.  $13.99

Loin Chop Boneless   $15.99

Offal   $7.99

Fore Shanks   $10.99

Shoulder (Boston Bone In)   $9.15

Shoulder (Boston Boneless)   $9.99

Shoulder (Picnic Bone In)   $8.50

Shoulder (Picnic Boneless)   $9.99

Tenderloin   $14.99 

Pasture Raised Lamb 

-priced per lb-

Bones   $7.99

Blade Chop   $15.99

Coppa Steak   $14.99

Ground Lamb  $11.99

Leg of Lamb (bone in)   $14.99

Leg of Lamb (boneless)   $16.99

Loin Chop   $22.99

Neck   $6.99

Rack/Chops Frenched   $31.99

Rack/Chops w/ rib meat   $27.99

Fore/Hind Shank   $9.99

Shoulder Roast Boneless   $11.99

Sirloin Roast (boneless)  $15.99

Pasture Raised Poultry

-priced per lb-

Bones (backs/necks)   $6.99

Bone Broth   $7/pint

Boneless Skinless Breast   $14.99

Bone in Skin On Breast   $12.99

Drumsticks   $9.99

Leg Quarters   $10.99

Half Chicken   $8.99

Thighs    $11.99

Thighs (Boneless)   $13.99

Wings   $8.99

Whole Chicken   $6.50

Whole Cut-Up   $7.99

Whole Boneless Chicken   $14.99

Whole Spatchcocked  $7.99


Pasture Laid Eggs   $8/ doz

Grass Fed Ribeye


Pasture Raised Veal

From Rossotti Ranch in Petaluma, CA.

*Due to limited availability, preorders are encouraged.

Ground Veal     $15.99/lb

Veal Cutlets or Scallopini    $22.99/lb

Veal Rib Chops    $30.99/lb

Veal Loin Chops    $29.99/lb

Veal Osso Buco    $31.99/lb

Veal Breast/Shoulder Roasts    $21.99/lb

Veal Stew Meat    $15.99/lb

Also Available: Veal Skirt Steak, Hangar Steak,

Flat Iron Steaks, Top Sirloin Filets, 7 Bone Roasts and many more. 

$16.99- $28.99/lb

Specialty Items

(Some of the below items are seasonal.

Please call ahead to ensure availability)


Prepared Items:

 $24.99/qt.  $12/pint


Sauce Bolognese

Ground Beef Taco Meat


Smoked Pork Green Chili


Prime Beef Sloppy Joes


Market Chili

Take & Bake:

2# ea. - $30 

Green Chili Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf


Veal Mushroom Meatloaf w/ Pork Belly

For the Pups:

1 lb Raw Offal Pet Food Supplement   $7 ea.

1 lb Ground Chicken Bones and Fat.  $3 ea.

Raw Marrow & Knuckle Bones   $9.99/lb

Raw Chicken Necks - 3pack    $3 ea.

For the Grill....

(Some of the below items are seasonal.

Please call ahead to ensure availability)

Fresh Ground Beef Patties..…...…$10.99/lb

Brisket Market Burger.….…….…..$12.99/lb

Fresh Sausages:


Hot Italian……………….....…$10.99/lb

Mild Italian…………….….…..$10.99/lb

Garlic Parmesan Chicken....$15.99/lb

Sage Breakfast……………….$10.99/lb

Chorizo in bulk........................$10.99/lb

Fripper's All Beef Hot Dogs....$14.99/lb

Fripper's Bologna sliced to order..... $14.99/lb

Cheddar & Jalapeno Stuffed Brisket Burger
Fresh Grass Fed Ground Beef
Grass Fed Porterhouse
Prime Grade, Dry Aged Beef
Hot Italian Sausage
Pastue Raised Fresh Heritage Pork
All Beef Pigman Goods Hot Dogs